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Am I Going to Hell?

Have you ever struggled with the idea that God punishes people for all eternity? Have you ever found yourself asking 'Am I going to hell'? That if you don't choose Jesus Christ, say the right prayer, or do the right things, you or your loved ones could end up in a fiery pit called Hell, suffering for all eternity based on what you did in this finite life? If that has ever troubled you, then I'm with you. And if anybody has ever told you that this is the biblical view, that's what the Bible teaches, I question that.

You can certainly find evidence for that view in the Bible. In fact, academics call that view "eternal conscious punishment," and there are plenty of smart Christians who are very sincere about that viewpoint. But I've been reading up on this topic, and it seems that the Bible says way, way more. It is far more hopeful than we can imagine.

I hope you'll join me in this sermon series that I'm beginning this coming Sunday titled "Oh Hell No," where we're going to look at the topic of Hell and Heaven, and what God is up to, not just in your life, but in redeeming and saving the entire creation. It's a beautiful story. It's way better than the story you've probably heard.

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