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There are two reasons why you may be looking for a church.
You are either curious or your life is in crisis. Curiosity is a gift and it is natural to wonder if there is more. Crisis is simply part of life. It, unfortunately, happens to us all. If you are in the midst of a crisis we welcome you to reach out to our pastor who can help you find hope.
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Even in the midst of a crisis, you might say that you are still curious. Curious about the possibility that life may get better.

For those whose life is going well, your curiosity is more likely aimed at how you can use your life to contribute to a better life for others. When we think about what our church is about it begins with curiosity.

Our hope is to help curious people take the step to become consumers. By that, we mean consumers of our worship services, fellowship, classes, and service opportunities.

Being a consumer sometimes is seen negatively, but not here. It is simply the second step to becoming what we believe God has created people to be.  





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Step three is becoming a contributor. This is when you begin to support the church community with your time, talents, and treasurer. Being a contributor is wonderful because it transforms the church from a place where you go to a community in which you belong. 

The final destination for all of our journeys is to become a creator. This is when you take the initiative to use your unique set of gifts and current life circumstances to bring grace and hope into the world. This can be through a ministry in the church but it doesn't have to be.

All of us have opportunities all around us to love like Jesus. The goal of our church is to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus so that you can see and seize those opportunities to bring blessings into the world. 

There are so many diverse expressions of Christ's church in this world and we believe there is a church home for you. We are honored and humbled that you would be curious enough to consider our community!

Check out this message (begins at 28 minutes) to learn more About You. 

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