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Each week our church offers practical Biblical wisdom for the challenges of today.

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HIGHLIGHTED MESSAGE - "Good Reasons for Leaving the Church"

Do you know of anyone who has left the church? Perhaps they did so for good reasons. During the time of Jesus, an increasing number of people were leaving their religion. In this series, we will compare three major expressions of American Christianity to three major expressions of religion in Jesus’ day.


This will give us insight into the GOOD REASONS for why people leave the church and the GOOD REASONS for them to come back. In this message Pastor Scott looks at Christian Nationalism through the lens of the Zealots. The Good Reason people sometimes leaves these churches is because they have put their politics ahead of their faith.


If a 17-year-old dies and hasn't accepted Christ, will they suffer in hell for 17 million years? Is this really the "Biblical view"? Do you have to believe in eternal conscious punishment in order to believe the Bible? Oh, hell no.


In this series, Pastor Scott will explore the Biblical story to provide an alternative view of Heaven and Hell to the story that is commonly told. In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth, not hell. Hell comes later...and it is less defined than you might think. But is "hell" real? You betcha! And God is willing to go to hell and back to make sure you don't end up there or stay there.


We live in a politically polarized time but no more so than 1st Century Israel. In this message, we will look at how Jesus teaches his disciples to navigate the relationship between politics and religion.

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