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Each week our church offers practical Biblical wisdom for the challenges of today.

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HIGHLIGHTED MESSAGE - Good Reasons for Leaving the Church

Do you know of anyone who has left the church? Perhaps they did so for good reasons. During the time of Jesus, an increasing number of people were leaving their religion. In this series, we will compare three major expressions of American Christianity to three major expressions of religion in Jesus’ day.


This will give us insight into the GOOD REASONS for why people leave the church and the GOOD REASONS for them to come back. In this message Pastor Scott looks at Christian Nationalism through the lens of the Zealots. The Good Reason people sometimes leaves these churches is because they have put their politics ahead of their faith.


There are two things that everyone needs are to receive more love and to give more love. Much has been said on the topic of love. In this series, we look at what Jesus says about love as we seek to learn how to be more loving and more lovable. 


One of the benefits of spiritual growth is less fear and more faith. Everyone's spiritual journey is unique but they all follow a familiar path. This series presents the four stages of spiritual growth. Knowing the stages helps you grow from one to the next.

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