Tuesday, November 3, 2020

People who vote help decide the future of our country. So we thought it important to create this web page to help you find out up-to-date information on voting. Below you will find resources to help you find important information for this upcoming election.

Can I vote?

Well, we are not sure but we can point you to a website that shows if you are eligible.

Voter Eligibility

Can I vote early?

You can vote early. See the link below to find out more information on early voting. 

Early Voting

Marion Country Election Board

A great resource for finding up-to-date information for voting in Marion Country is to visit the link below. It has great resources for the voter. 

Marion County Election Board

Voter Information

Another great way for you to find more information is to visit the Voter Information Portal. This portal has information about early voting, candidates, registration, and polling places.

Voter Information Portal