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Faith United Church of Christ

Love like Jesus


Meet Faith UCC

Our mission is to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus gave a New Commandment. He said, "love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." Jesus is the model for love. Our church is all about learning to love like Jesus. 

About You

Everyone has a reason for becoming part of a church. 

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The Bible has something helpful to say about

the challenges of


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Food Pantry

If you have a need for food we are happy to share with you what we have.

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About US

Our church might be the right church to become y

our new church


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Each week our church offers practical Biblical wisdom for the challenges of today. Visit here to see all our messages.

Love Like Jesus

There are two things that everyone needs are to receive more love and to give more love. Much has been said on the topic of love. In this series, we look at what Jesus says about love as we seek to learn how to be more loving and more lovable. 

"I Didn't Say That."

There are many things that people say that Jesus said that Jesus did not say. In this series, we look at what Jesus had to say on several controversial topics like the authority of the Bible, politics, suffering, and tradition.

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Phone Number: 317-784-4856   /     Email: office@myfaithucc.org

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